Academic Operations Administrator - N/A10628
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Operations Manager

Job Purpose:

The IIE (Pty) Ltd (The IIE) is the registered provider of higher education, which is offered through the following educational brands: IIE Varsity College, Vega, Rosebank College and IIE MSA. The Independent Institute of Education Central Academic Team (CAT) is responsible for the academic leadership and governance of the work done at the brands while each brand is managed as a business entity by its own divisional management team.

This position is within CAT. The IIE as the registered provider has ultimate responsibility for registration, curriculum, delivery, assessment and certification of all education on its campuses as well as for relationships with external partners, particularly in the regulatory and accreditation arena.

The IIE operates through five faculties and has established academic operations, compliance and academic leadership infrastructure and processes.
The IIE (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvTech Ltd, which is listed on the JSE

The position is responsible for the delivery of allocated administrative tasks related to academic and operational delivery, which may include tasks associated to material development and delivery, briefing, moderation, graduation and support to the Student Hub Team. These tasks need to be delivered at agreed policy, process, system and quality levels, under the supervision of a Senior Operations Coordinator.

Key Performance Area:

The Operations Team has multiple sub-teams and AOAs work across these sub-teams and so their tasks may at different points in time involve any of the following responsibilities:

Developer Briefing Administration

Receives modules from Senior Operations Coordinator.

Sends briefing requests to Developers.

Based on an approved development plan, completes contracts, annexures and briefing documents for the Developer.

Creates an entry on the system and updates as it progresses.


Sends templates and developer handbook to Developer.


Follows up and receives signed documents back.


Tracks according to due dates.


Supports the Developer with any requirements they might have.

Receives material from Developer via email.


Uploads onto the system for the relevant Project Coordinator to check if it meets the contract requirements.

Begins the material delivery process after approval.

Ensures that signed contracts and all Developer engagement documents are saved onto the internal space.

Processes payments once the Head of Programme has approved material.

Processes approved payments on invoices.

Submits invoice, cover page and any other necessary documentation to Human Resources for payroll.

Makes sure that all documents are available for the payment team.


Material Delivery

Receives module tasks as per Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to begin workflows for Head of Programme.


Creates workflow and assigns to Head of Programme responsible for that module.


Receives returned moderated and edited module work. Uploads to system so that it can be viewed for feedback. Receives feedback for action.

Uploads and approves the final version for brands to print.


Moderation Administration Instrument

Sends email to Moderator requesting availability to moderate instruments. Sends annexures and contract agreement.

Sends out report template with papers for moderation.


Receives all contract documents and invoice.

Receives moderated papers and report and workflows this to Head of Programme for review.

Saves to the correct space.

Saves Moderator report back into the module space.


Uploads moderated instruments for brands to print.



Sends email to Moderator requesting availability to moderate scripts.

Sends annexures on contract agreement.

Receives all contract documents.

Receives original scripts per lecturer per module via NMTS.

Downloads the documents and / or chases it and follows up if not received on time.

Emails the Moderator the scripts and the moderation control sheet (MCS).

Follows up with Moderator until required information is received.

Reviews comments on the MCS, and sends to Head of Programme for verification and approval.

Finalises payments for moderators.


Student Hub Support

Provides administrative support for the Student Hub Team, which may include mapping of internal and external credits for approval.

Drafting of outcome letters related to approved requests received on the Student Hub.

Provides further administrative support for queries received.



The candidate must hold a Higher Certificate / Occupational Certificate Level 5 (NQF Level
5) and ideally an Advanced Certificate / Diploma / Occupational Certificate Level 6 (NQF
Level 6)


1 year administration experience in an education environment.
1 year proven record of coordinating the successful completion of projects.
1 year Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint experience.

Physical Job Requirements:

Ability to work independently on a computer
Work Under Pressure Assertiveness Customer Focused Attention to Detail Multi-tasking

Working Conditions: