Learning Content Developer - N/A10657
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Learn Manager

Job Purpose:

The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd is the registered provider under which the following educational Brands, Varsity College, Vega, DSSA and Rosebank College offer higher and further education qualifications. The management of these four trading divisions is exercised through the academic leadership and governance structure (referred to as The IIE) as well as the Tertiary Division. This position is within The IIE central academic team.

The LCD is responsible for the production and maintenance of digital media content and solutions for online and offline purposes. This means that print, audio, video, web and interactive materials are outputted for The IIE€™s communication, operating and Teaching & Learning requirements. One of the key purposes is, but not limited to, online supplementary content for academic modules which is accessed via the SAM student and lecturer portals, and as applicable to the Learning Management System (LMS). Another important area of delivery is the management of the online spaces which fall within the Content Development Team€™s scope of responsibility such as the online academic forum, IIE Connect, and other social media spaces.


Key Performance Area:

Specific Overview of Learning Content Developer:
o Edit and assemble the supplementary material into a media support package on the LMS (Blackboard), webpage or other      online environment, for the specific programme or module and draft instructions and/or guidelines for lecturers and/or          students on how to use the material.
o Contribute to the documentation and development of methods of digital media production in the areas of, but not limited      to, print media, web and audiovisual media.
o Generate and/or gather content for publication on The IIE€™s social media spaces such as Facebook.
o Build and/or produce and maintain environments for the web using proprietary and/or open-source software related to          The IIE€™s and\or CDT€™s requirements.
o Contribute to the development and maintenance of appropriate standards, procedures and documentation related to the LCD area.
o Communicate effectively with other team members and stakeholders to promote cooperation and mutual success.



A Tertiary Qualification, B Degree recommended, in the related discipline €“ Multimedia or IT, but formal training in a range of media packages, supported by at least 2 years of technical specialist experience will be considered.


Two years of working in a multimedia production environment. Curriculum development experience is a plus.

Physical Job Requirements:

€¢ Use Adobe Creative Suite as a production tool.
€¢ A high level of general IT competence, with experience in web development, graphic development, using a web content management system, video editing, animation and strong digital media manipulation skills.
€¢ Web design €“ edit, compile, manipulate and/or build HTML, CSS and JavaScript webpages and/or other web environments.
€¢ Attention to detail and ability to learn new software packages when needed.
€¢ Good communication skills €“ written and verbal.
€¢ Interpersonal skills characterised by tact and diplomacy and an ongoing ability to participate effectively in a team.
€¢ High delivery ability, including capacity to organise own work and work against tight deadlines.
€¢ Ability to work independently.
€¢ Can work under pressure.
€¢ High levels of energy.


Working Conditions:

Travel and work outside of normal hours may be required.