Head of Programme: ICT - N/A11173
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Head of Faculty-ICT

Job Purpose:

The IIE (Pty) Ltd is the registered provider of higher education which is offered through the following educational brands: Varsity College, Vega, Rosebank College and IIEMSA.  The Independent Institute of Education€™s Central Academic Team is responsible for the academic leadership and governance of the work done at the brands while each brand is managed as a business entity by its own divisional management team.

The IIE (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvTech Ltd which is listed on the JSE.

This position is within the central IIE academic team.  The IIE, as registered provider has ultimate responsibility for registration, curriculum, delivery, assessment and certification of all education on these sites as well as for relationships with external partners particularly in the regulatory and accreditation arena.

The IIE operates through five faculties and has established academic operations, compliance and academic leadership infrastructure and processes.

The level of delegated responsibility will vary from faculty to faculty and from individual to individual and will change over time and as operational needs require. Normally, a particular group of programmes and/ or modules within a faculty will be the direct responsibility of a Head of Programme who will then take primary responsibility for curriculum and material, capacity building and support including moderation and assessment.

The HOP will be responsible for ensuring effective interaction between the faculty/department and the brands with respect to all matters related to the IIE and the faculty but in particular to the modules or programmes for which s/he is primarily responsible.

As this is a senior academic appointment it is not expected that the full range of activities will be encapsulated within a position description €“ instead, a person is expected to act responsibly within at least the following range of responsibilities.

Key Performance Area:

  • Review, development and implementation, subject to the policies and governance procedures of the IIE, of the curriculum, syllabus and material development of those designated programmes or modules (some of which may be service courses) for which the Head of Programme is responsible
  • Aspects of faculty administration as delegated by the Head of Faculty
  • Establishment and maintenance of effective interaction between the faculty/department and the brands with respect to the particular programmes for which s/he is responsible and more generally
  • Identify and monitor programme developers including briefing and the quality assurance of their work.
  • Responsible for the setting and monitoring of minimum standards for delivery and assessment including management of academic incidents related to assessment.
  • Tracking of student performance, in cooperation with trading division national offices, in designated programmes and modules including planning and monitoring of interventions that may be required to address problems
  • Responsible for the identifying, briefing and managing moderators in consultation with the trading division and for managing the moderation of assessments within the faculty €“ this includes planning and implementation of problem-solving strategies as needed
  • Active commitment to the maintenance of academic standards and of curriculum areas within the discipline €“ this includes capacity building on campus and own personal commitment to keeping up to date, which will include limited lecturing (contact or distance) on a cyclical basis and the contribution to faculty research output
  • Demonstrated commitment to the development, implementation and monitoring of all IIE policies
  • Active commitment to capacity building on the campuses of the brands and where applicable the preparation and delivery of peer lectures and seminars - one of the key focuses here has to be building of capacity of lecturers to work with a diverse student body
  • Participate in, and contribute to, the IIE/faculty€™s activities, particularly its seminars and workshop programmes
  • Participation in the key governance structures and committees as may be required from time to time
  • Any other relevant duties as may be required


The candidate must hold a minimum of a Masters degree in an Information Technology or Computer Science discipline or equivalent at NQF level 9, but a PhD is preferred.

Experience or knowledge in at least 3 of the following specialisations is required:

  1. IT Management and information systems
  2. Programming (desktop, cloud, web, mobile, game)
  3. Databases
  4. Data Analytics and modelling
  5. Security
  6. Networking and Telecommunications.


  • Normally, at least three years lecturing experience (full or part time) in a public or private post-school provider. Under exceptional circumstances different experience will be considered
  • Experience in writing curriculum, material and assessment of student learning
  • Some understanding of the Higher Education regulatory environment
  • Understanding of the NQF and associated regulatory environment
  • Work experience in the Information Technology discipline would be an advantage

Physical Job Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills particularly in English, both verbal and written, including the ability to communicate to a range of audiences in a way that communication is clear, concise, specific and accurate and accessible to the target audience
  • Interpersonal skills characterised by tact and diplomacy and an ongoing ability to participate effectively in a team that is spread across the country
  • Capacity to get others to follow by example and the ability to manage matrix management and communication structures
  • High delivery ability, demonstrated capacity to organise own work and work against tight deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to liaise cooperatively with other academics and colleagues within the faculty and brands
  • Proven ability to work constructively as part of a team, display initiative and work strategically and independently with limited supervision
  • Proven record of managing projects to a successful conclusion
  • Able to acquire new skills to keep up with new technologies and or new knowledge areas within relevant disciplines

Working Conditions:

  • Travel and work outside of normal hours will be required for which, given the level of seniority of the post, no overtime payment will be made
  • The HOP is appointed on academic conditions of service which includes research leave and work from home privileges